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About Cardiff People First

Cardiff People First is a self advocacy and community advocacy organisation. We are run by and for people with a learning disability in Cardiff. We stand up for our rights and campaign to change attitudes, get better services and enjoy more opportunities. We fight for equality, understanding, respect and acceptance.

Cardiff People First was formed in 1992 as the Self Advocacy Forum to support service user involvement in county planning. Residents of Ely Hospital joined and set up Ely’s People First. The group had a big effect on the resident’s quality of life until the closure. They made a film called Getting Our Voice Heard.

In 1994, at the first conference, delegates changed the name to People First South Glamorgan and agreed a constitution. In 1995 the name became People First Cardiff and the Vale.

When funding from the Vale of Glamorgan Council stopped in March 2000, we became Cardiff People First. Learning Disability Wales (then called SCOVO) hosted us from 2000 to 2004.

We were incorporated on 22nd April 2002 and became a registered charity on 26th April 2005.

Meet our Trustees. You can see short films about who they are and what they do on You Tube.

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Thank you Lynne @TafCwm for sharing your story! Lynne's experiences will be shared in our Population Needs Assessment to highlight future priorities & needs for people with learning disabilities. Read Lynne's story here: #byyoursidectm

Do you have a learning disability? Paid job? Anywhere in UK? Would you like to meet up sometimes with others like you, to network, help and mentor each other with work issues, promote what you do and make more job opportunities, get together and get ahead? Reply if interested!